Sunday, January 27, 2008

China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong

14 flights, 5 ferries, 2 overnight trains, numerous painful bus trips, and one £120 speedboat ride. On this trip, I have learned that a man may become wealthy by simply being bold but a country can only become wealthy through the humility of its people.

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Hong Kong

IFR2, the 5th tallest completed building in the world but they are about to finish one in Kowloon across the river from here, which will be taller

Avenue of the Stars

Bruce Lee statue

Then I met him but he didn't say much

Neither did Kelly Chen

Tram that goes to the peak, I thought it was rubbish. It was built in about 1600 and is really slow and shaky, it's about time they built a new one

Metro Train

They really love Jackie Chan here. This is a shop devoted to him

And one for Bruce Lee

Thailand - Patong, James Bond Island and Koh Phi Phi

Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Ley or, to give it it's more romantic name, "Park Ranger Unit 5"

Koh Phi Phi north beach
Koh Phi Phi south beach

A lagoon near James Bond Island

James Bond Island, where he lands his sea-plane in The Man With the Golden Gun

Good Job holding the camera level

Phuket Tuk Tuk, Patong, Lamborghini yellow

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Siem Reap

A floating village with floating school and floating library

A floating basketball court

A Cambodia Tuk Tuk

Our temple guide, You Sa. Was quite a character with lots of stories about "Angelina Temple" and others. He claimed to be hiding behind a rock when Angelina Jolie was here filming Tomb Raider and did a re-enactment of the scene for us starring himself as Angelina. He took lots of group photos and would shout after each shot, "That is absolutely wicked photo" or "That is absolutely orgasmic!" He introduced himself, "You can call me You Sa, I don't have a family name because my father was killed by the Khmer Rouge. My mother re-married, and I don't like the other guy"

The tour group: Valla, Eva, Fiona, Japanese girl no. 1, Hans, Me, James.
Seated: Terry, Jackson, Japanese girl no. 2

Our Cambodia tour guide, Con. The most laid back guy in the universe. Like You Sa (and all Cambodians for some reason), he had a cockney accent, "Yeah, no problem, don't worry abat it, do it tomorra"

Angkor Wat